Randolph Middle School

Technology Literacy

1. Create a NEW document in Excel.
2. Insert your name in cell A1
3. In the second row second column create the bold column titled Income.
4. Create entries under income that include baby sitting, lawn cutting, clean windows, allowance, and total income.
5. The next column should list the amount of profit for each entry under income that include baby sitting for $12, lawn cutting for $8, clean windows for 13, and allowance for $4.
6. Label the total income cell under the word allowance. Calculate the total income under allowance the allowance amount.
7. Skip one column and create a new one called Expenses.
8. Under expenses include ice cream, sneakers, notebook paper and total.
9. The next column should list the amount of each expense include ice cream for $5, sneakers for $46, notebook paper for $3.
10. Label and calculate the total expenses in the same row as income under the word notebook.
11. Skip two rows and enter the words Total Profits.
12. In the row next to the word total profits create a formula that will subtract the total income from the total expense.
13. Format the profit so that if the profit is positive the number is black. If it is negative format the number red. Do this by right mouse clicking on the cell, select format currency and choose the red numbers. See if you can do it without asking Dr. Sheehy.