Randolph Middle School

Technology Literacy

1. Create a NEW document in Word.
2. Use the same heading with 'Shortcut Keys' for the assignment name and the proper Date
3. Starting on the first line of the document, type responses to the statements provided below: Type one answer per line. Do NOT type the statements or preceding letters.
  • a. Your first and last name
  • b. Your nickname (the name your instructor should call you).
  • c. Your parent(s) or guardian(s) name(s).
  • d. Your birth date.
  • e. A career that interests you.
  • f. One sentence explaining why you chose that career.
  • g. Your best friendís name (or pets name if you can't choose one.
  • h. Your grade level preceded by the word Grade. Example: Grade 6
  • i. Two of your hobbies (separated by the word and).
  • j. One sentence explaining what you hope to learn in this class.
    4. Carefully proofread the document for spelling, grammar, and accuracy.
    5. Save the document as SHORTCUTS to your student id folder.
    6. Select the appropriate text and make the following changes using shortcut keys only:
  • a. Bold your name.
  • b. Italicize your nickname.
  • c. Bold and italicize your parent(s)/guardian(s) name(s).
  • d. Underline your birth date.
  • e. Format to all capitals the letters of the career that interests you.
  • f. Format to all lowercase letters of the sentence explaining your career choice.
  • g. Center align your best friendís (pet's) name.
  • h. Right align your grade level.
  • i. Copy your hobbies and paste them two times at the end of this list (on separate lines).
  • j. Highlight the sentence explaining what you hope to learn in this class in yellow.
    7. Carefully proofread the document for spelling, grammar, and accuracy.
    8. Resave the document.
    9. Upload to Blackboard.
    The short cut key are listed below.

    Change the case of letters. SHIFT+F3
    Format all letters as capitals. CTRL+SHIFT+A
    Apply bold formatting. CTRL+B
    Apply an underline. CTRL+U
    Underline words but not spaces. CTRL+SHIFT+W
    Double-underline text. CTRL+SHIFT+D
    Apply hidden text formatting. CTRL+SHIFT+H
    Apply italic formatting. CTRL+I
    Format letters as small capitals. CTRL+SHIFT+K
    Apply subscript formatting (automatic spacing). CTRL+EQUAL SIGN
    Apply superscript formatting (automatic spacing). CTRL+SHIFT+PLUS SIGN
    Remove manual character formatting. CTRL+SPACEBAR
    Change the selection to the Symbol font. CTRL+SHIFT+Q
    Delete one character to the left. BACKSPACE
    Delete one word to the left. CTRL+BACKSPACE
    Delete one character to the right. DELETE
    Delete one word to the right. CTRL+DELETE
    Cut selected text to the Office Clipboard. CTRL+X
    Undo the last action. CTRL+Z
    Cut to the Spike. CTRL+F3
    Center aligned. CTRL+E
    Switch a paragraph between justified and left-aligned. CTRL+J
    Right-aligned. CTRL+R
    Left align a paragraph. CTRL+L
    Indent a paragraph from the left. CTRL+M
    Remove a paragraph indent from the left. CTRL+SHIFT+M
    Create a hanging indent. CTRL+T
    Reduce a hanging indent. CTRL+SHIFT+T
    Remove paragraph formatting. CTRL+Q