Randolph Middle School

Robotics II

Build The Randolph Rover

Sort the boxes.

Use this gripper directions to make a claw, connect it to the Randolph rover and moves a cup from 1st base to 2nd base.

Adjust the robots speed to move away from an object. The closer it is the faster it moves away.

Control turning using the gyro.

Use variables to gradually increase the acceleration of your robot.

Design,build and program a robot that writes your name. Use a motor to deploy and retract a magic marker to place the pen down to write and up to position.

Use variables to gradually slow down the turn of your robot.

Use variables to correct for any deviation of your robot from a straight line.

Create a farming robot that drops a seed on each block of the classroom floor. Dr. Sheehy will provide you with the seeds. You should create a container to hold at least 20 seeds and deploys the seed so that one is place on each block as the robot moves along the floor.

Create a minesweeper robot that detects block colored mines and keeps count of how many there are. Dr. Sheehy will provide you with the mines. You should have the robot also make a sound each time it finds a mine.

Read the classified briefing on the attached file.

Satellite photo of terrorist compound.