Randolph Middle School

Introduction to Programming

View the make a website video.

Four steps to creating a HTML files in Notepad.

Type the text from the link below in notepad to create your first website. Change Page Title to your name. Change h1 to 'Randolph Middle School'. Change paragraph to 'Introduction to programming'. Save as web_page_1 (use the underscores). Upload to Edmodo.
Link to the code can be found here.

Now create a new webpage by selecting save as web_page_2. Change the paragraph to say: 'Mr. Sheehy is our introduction to programming instructor. He is teaching us how to use HTML to make web pages.'

Create a web_page_3 that has your name 6 times, start with the most important h1 and end with the least h6.

Create web_page_4 that has United States, New Jersey, Morris County, Randolph, Middle School, Introduction to Programming using the appropriate header tags that go from most important content to the least.

Create web_page_5 that has your favorite 4 sentence poem with each sentence on a new line. Be sure to include the title with your name and the name of the class.

Create web_page_6 that has the poem from the previous lesson with a green background. Hint - body bgcolor="#E6E6FA"

Create web_page_7 that has black background with United (red letters) States of (white letters) and America (blue letters). Here's a hint.

Create web_page_8 with link to Mr. Sheehy's website. Here's a hint - it shows a link to the district website now - change it to link to Mr. Sheehy's website. Tell the user to 'click here to go the Mr. Sheehys website'

Here's a chart of tags.

Here's a more detailed chart of tags.